What We Do

The Friends Giving Foundation is dedicated to bringing our community together to help those in need.

We accomplish this by accepting donations of household items from the community, hosting a charity event that is held twice a year and donating a large portion of the proceeds to a local established charity organization. We need your help in keeping our local outreach programs healthy and active.

Our Services​

God has created this community outreach to bring his children together to help one another.

Garage Sales

The Friends Giving Foundation collects donations from the community throughout the year. These donations are sold in a community yard sale. A large portion of the sales go to a charity organization in need. 

Community Clothes​ Closet

 We provide clothes to anyone in need, throughout the year, This includes jackets, coats and shoes. Provided we have them. The clothes are distributed by appointment. 

Blessings from those we have helped

Because of the Friends Giving Foundation we are able to serve and provide under-served citizens in the community with special activities, food, showers, and more. As you know we rely on the generosity of donors such as you and are grateful for your gracious support.

Karen Bray

Executive Director

 Grand Central Station 

The Dining Car